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UNO analysis: Government regulations more costly in new house contruction locally than nationally


Creating uncertainty in our marketplace, particularly as it relates to housing, just increases the cost and the unaffordability of housing.

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"Patience is key to building now. The building process takes two to four months longer than it typically would."

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The new Welcome Home coalition of business and real estate professionals is hoping to nudge policymakers into changing zoning and other regulations they contend impede starter-home construction.

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The Omaha World Herald agrees with the Welcome Home coalition that starter housing needs to be a priority for our state and our communities

They recognize we must do something about the 23.8% cost of government regulation on the price of a new house.  Members of Welcome Home look forward to working with other stakeholders to make starter homes attainable for more families.


The median sale price of a newly built house in the Omaha area rang in at about $374,000 this year — up almost 9% over last year and 61% higher than a decade ago.

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Regulations imposed by all levels of government account for 23.8% of the current average sales price of a new single-family home.


A nonprofit financial institution that works with underserved small businesses is now going to work with developers on affordable housing, creating another avenue for filling the funding gap that often exists between housing tax credits and the cost of construction.

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On housing,  a recent study found that the city is 80,000 units shorts in affordable housing.

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Homeownership is seen as the largest source of wealth among families, with the median value of a primary residence worth nearly 10 times the median value of financial assets held by families.

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