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Welcome Home is a nonprofit coalition of individuals, businesses and organizations committed to proactively making meaningful changes and improvements in the public policy arena that allow for significant growth in the Nebraska starter housing market for families, first-time home buyers and future Nebraskans.

The Challenge

Quite simply, the lack of housing is inhibiting Nebraska’s ability to grow. In Lincoln and Omaha, there is a limited amount of housing available to a company paying good wages wanting to move to one of these communities tomorrow.

It’s also prohibiting those who serve our communities every day from owning homes. First responders and essential workers deserve to be homeowners and in the current market conditions, it’s difficult at best. Those with an FHA or VA loan are often quickly dismissed by sellers.


Welcome Home aims to reverse these trends.


Elected officials and regulators don’t always understand or appreciate the ramifications of the decisions they make. We know that every time the cost of a starter home increases by just a few thousand dollars, thousands of families are priced out of the housing market. Veterans, teachers, nurses, police officers, and entrepreneurs are prohibited from experiencing the American dream

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